Mute autoplay videos: download Google Chrome beta to start muting

Mute autoplay videos: download Google Chrome beta to start muting

In September, Developers of google chrome shared a blog previously, users can mute autoplay videos when browsing, this feature is now available with this new Chrome 64 beta version. Furtherer updates are going to complete in early 2018 for all users, but today we can get this feature by downloading the latest Chrome 64 beta.

Users were facing the problem of this unwanted content, many users had these concern. Many sites have some unnecessary autoplay video content and user do not want to listen that. Now Chrome has added the feature to mute auto-playing videos for a specific site. The user can locate this feature in permission bar (in Chrome beta version), these may be accessed next to the URL. These feature works for an individual site for example if mute videos for a particular site then you can browse pages within the site without any sound. So you need to do that for each and every site so that you can control better what media to be disallowed and what to allow.

The beta also includes some good feature, like a strong pop-up blocker and better protection prompts that automatically redirects the user to another website (like adware). For Windows 10 users in HDR mode, Chrome also adds HDR video playback feature. If you are interested to use this features then you can download Chrome beta here.

Once you have installed the beta version, you can easily mute a website which has auto-playing videos. You can locate this icon to the next of URL to mute videos, which is default allow the sound. If you want to mute sound then you can change it to disallow (not allow). If you are facing many sites with auto-playing videos then can change the default permission to disallow (not allow), and you will not deal with this problem again.

Chrome aims to provide a batter and safe browsing for internet as well google users. Google is going to make a more bearable and non-frustrating internet surfing environment. So if you do not want any undesirable content when browsing websites then you can use this Chrome 67 beta version.

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