YouTube Super chat: Comment on live video stream

YouTube Super chat comment on live video stream

YouTube has launched Super chat for viewers to pay creators. Super chat is a new feature by which creators will be able to make money during a livestream.  Super chat will come alongwith API to allow real time purchase data from the system. YouTube launched Super chat on 12th January, but it will come out broadly until 31 January. Though YouTube has already a feature “fanfunding” for viewers to make voluntary payment, YouTube is going to shut it down in favor of Super chat.

Using Super chat viewers will be able to purchase paid instant message and comments and send to broadcaster. The messages/comments will be highlighted and pinned to the top of the chat stream, grabbing the attention of other viewers. The duration of individual message depends on amount the buyers choose to pay. Viewers will also get some characters as well for their message. Making payment will be simple through a dollar bill appear in chat window.

Super chat is somewhat like “cheers” of Twitch which is the main competitors of YouTube Super chat. The difference is, in cheers viewers uses emotes to stand out their message, but in Super chat they are able to highlight their messages in bright colors. However goal of both are same “money for attention”.

It is necessary for YouTube to encourage creators to broadcast live contents as the live streaming war is heating up with others like Facebook, Twitter etc. However results of preliminary Super chat enabled stream are impressive and one creator namely typical garner earned around 4000$ through Super chat. Livestream videos are now a key part to capture consumer attention and YouTube will make it’s effort for earning money.

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