6th Day of Navratri : 9 rituals of Devi Katyayini

6th Day of navratri dedicated to Devi Katyayini, which deliberated sixth form of Navdurga. According to Hindu mythology goddess Parvati born as incarnation of katyayini to kill the demon Mahisasur in a Sage (rishi) Katyayna’s home as her daughter and known as Devi Katyayini.

6th Day of Navratri : 9 rituals of Devi Katyayini

Devi Katyayini considered as Warrior goddess, she took birth to kill the devil Mahisasur. She is also known as ‘Mahisasur Mardini’. Her look is full of anger with red eyes and open black long hairs, ride on tiger or lion as her mount. She is eagerly to kill the demon with her sword.

She is depicted with four hands, carries lotus flower and sword in two left hands and two right hands poses in Abhaya and Varada mudra.

According to Shaktism refences, Devi Katyayini is also known as Bhadrakali and Chandika.

Devi Katyayini governed Jupiter planet.

Devi Katyayini Puja Rituals:

1 First of all you take bath wear neat and clean clothes.Try to wear green clothes on third day of navratri puja.

2 Now deeply clean the temple or puja place.

3 Offers red flowers, rice, rori, haldi, suppari, sandal paste,and coconut to Devi Katyayini

4 Red rose is most favorite flower of Devi Katyayini, you should offer red roses on sixth day of navratri.

5 Prasad or bhog of Honey is offered to Devi katyayini.

6 Chanted this mantra of Devi Katyayini

 “Om Devi Katyayini Namah”

“Chandra hasojjvalakara

 Shardula Varavahana

Katyayini Shubham Dadyad Devi Danavaghatini”

7 You can also read the holy book of Devi’s known as ‘Shatpsati Durga Paath’, if you are fasting for 9 days.

8 Now do aarti of goddess Durga and divides the Prasad to the small childrens.

9 worship of Devi Katyayini gives us energy and power to kill the demons of life like mahisasur. She is a rudra avatar of goddess Parvati, which shows that in difficult situations a women can defeat a devil also, which gives an example of women power.

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