Levi’s Smart Jacket is Going on Sale in Market : Release Date and Specs

After waiting two year, Finally Levi’s Smart Sleeve Jacket now available in the market for sale. This smart fabric was announced before more than one year. The cost of this Trucker jacket is start from $148 and the price of this denim jacket may be over $400. People who love smart gadgets defiantly will like to wear this jackets.

In the process of manufacturing of this smart jacket, Google and Levi’s integrates capacitive threads with copper wire. So we can trigger commands easily by swiping and tapping the sleeve to send to our phone. Everyone can control their smart phone by wearing this Levi’s Computer Tracker jacket by brushing on the left cuff of this fabric. It works with both iPhone and Android Phone. There is a small device like dongle on jacket’s sleeve to connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and you can remove this device at the time of washing. So you can easily wash and dry your jacket with washing machine.

Levi's Smart Jacket is Going to Sale in Market : Release Date and Specs

Mr. Ivan Poupyrev, person from Google Side, said that “We wanted to make a garment, not a gadget”. The design of this jacket is to target the people who want to communicate via bike. And the process of manufacturing of this jacket made easy to achieve the goal.

You can pair your phone with this jacket by installing a little app in your phone and by following a little tutorial you can configure three gesture to control your phone. You can brush out, brush in and double tap to perform different activities to control your smartphone. Holding your hand on the sleeve is the fourth gesture to shutting down your phone.

So finally if you are waiting for this smart fabric so no need to wait more. This Levi’s Trucker Jacket will be available on some boutiques from October 27. And from October 2, we will be able to grab this jacket from Levi’s Official Website. So keep your eyes on website if you want to wear this Smart Jacket before coming in market.

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